Rock Springs Baptist Student Center

High School Worship Center

With help from Strata, the newest addition at Rock Springs' Student Center, which began as an empty, unused shell, became a beautiful worship and gathering space for the church's high school students.

Easley, SC

Project Summary
High School Student Space
Acoustical Noise Reduction
LED Wall
Low-voltage Lighting


For years, a large room on the second floor of Rock Springs Church's student building sat empty, awaiting its time to shine. One floor below, and sharing the same footprint, its twin, fully outfitted for use, served as a meeting space for both the middle and high school students. Church leaders decided it was time to create a dedicated High School Worship space suited to the needs of their high school students. The empty space was slated for a build out.


Two requirements affecting AVL were on Rock Springs' list for the new High School room. First, the space had to present a more upscale and sophisticated atmosphere compared to the shared space the high school students had previously used. Second, the room had to be as acoustically isolated from the middle school space one floor below.


The requirement for an upscale atmosphere extended past the architectural design, to the lighting and display technology. To meet this need, Strata suggested a Vanguard P2.6 LED wall as the main display technology for the stage. The new wall is a head-turning focal point of the room and presents a high quality image unaffected by window and room lighting.

For stage lighting, a combination of fixed and intelligent theatrical fixtures was chosen to provide a "conservatively awesome" look. House lighting is provided by Environmental Light's REVI low-voltage LED lighting. The system uses up to 85% less power than equivalent conventional fixtures, while providing higher lighting levels. A color temperature of 3,500 degerees was chosen as a balance betwen the window light and the desire for a warm look.

The second requirement was acoustic isolation form the existing Middle School Worship room below. Because events were to be held in both rooms at the same time, sound and noise between the spaces needed to be reduced as much as possible. Strata's acoustician developed a noise reduction plan based on specific construction techniques and worked alongside the architect and general contractor to implement it. The result is that events can be held simultaneously with very little noise ingress between spaces.

The audio system supports the high school band, worship leaders and teachers with speakers from JBL, Crown amplifiers, an Allen & Heath Avantis console, and Shure & RF Venue wireless systems.

The core video system is powered by NewTek's Tricaster integrated with the rest of the church's NDI production system.


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