Investing in new technology for your venue doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right guidance, the process can empower your organization to create memorable and captivating experiences for your audience.


The Strata Process

In any project, stress levels increase as the finish line approaches. At Strata we've developed a unique process to invert this "worry curve." By getting all of the details nailed down at the beginning, the implementation becomes clearly focused, efficient, and as worry-free as possible.

We understand that you are responsible for your organization’s financial investment. The Strata Process allows us to deliver your project, built exactly as planned, on time, and on or under budget.

Phase 1

Discovery & Coordination

You have a vision you’d like to achieve.  To make that vision a reality, we need to understand what you have in mind. The best way to do that is to spend time together - learning, discussing, and strategizing.


Conceptual Design

To visualize the Functional Requirements, we’ll develop a Conceptual Design. The Conceptual Design is a high-level block diagram that identifies all of the major components of the systems in the project and how they relate to each other.


Architectural Coordination

This vital step is the point where concepts for physical spaces start to become a reality. Along with your architect and general contractor, we develop Coordination Drawings to ensure that your AVL systems work within your facility.


Rough Order of Magnitude Budget

While almost every item in this budget is an estimate, pending detailed design work in the next phase, our projections are based on years of experience and will give us a very good idea of the overall cost of the project.


Functional Requirements Document

This document outlines our understanding of your project’s technical and physical requirements, including personnel, new systems, specific equipment, and physical space requirements, ensuring we are all on the same page before we begin.


Discovery meetings

Discovery Meetings are the foundation of our project. In our meetings, we receive our “marching orders” from you. We ask dozens of questions about your culture, technology requirements, and dreams for the project.

Phase 2


Once our foundational discovery and coordination work is done, our engineers will put their years of experience to work to design and install all systems to meet the requirements we’ve discussed.


Detailed Design

Detailed designs are the “build-to” documents for your project. Our engineering staff ensures the equipment specified will work together and will then design the actual signal flow of your systems.


Bill of Materials & Purchasing

Once detailed design work has been approved, we will deliver a Bill of Materials that includes every piece of equipment required for design implementation. We’ll determine the best time to purchase your equipment based on your construction schedule.


Scheduling & Installation

Strata’s project manager will work with you and your general contractor to schedule the installation activities in coordination with the construction schedule to avoid causing delays.


Commissioning and Training

During the Commissioning phase, our engineers will make sure all equipment and configurations are operational. Our training time will be focused on your “super-users” - the primary users of the equipment who will train future users. We recommend your staff is present for both Commissioning and Training.


Go-Live Support

Our engineers will be available on your first day of operation to support your tech staff and to ensure all equipment is operating properly. Our role on this first day is advisory – we won’t operate the equipment or direct the production for you - but we will be there to make sure you know how everything operates and for any operational troubleshooting.


Ongoing Support

Once our project is complete, you won’t find us saying “thanks” and walking away. That’s not our style. Maintaining a long-term relationship with you and making sure that you are satisfied with our work is one of the most important goals we have. So, we’ll be available for configuration support, for operational support and for tweaks as necessary.


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