Cross Pointe

New Architectural Lighting

The lighting in Cross Pointe's 1,800 seat worship center was a combination of spotty coverage, high power consumption, and high operating costs. Low-voltage LED architectural lighting transformed the look of the room while using 85% less power!

Duluth, GA

Project Summary
Low-voltage Lighting
Environmental Lights REVI


Since its construction, Cross Pointe's worship center has been lit by quartz halogen theatrical fixtures. The lighting fixtures were not designed for architectural use and never provided even coverage. The light level averaged around 20 footcandles even when the lights were operated at 100% power. And speaking of power, the 90 fixtures covering the room consumed more than 60,000 watts of it! The cost of operation, plus the air conditioning required to remove the light-generated heat was an expensive and ongoing problem.


This was the perfect setup for Strata to introduce Environmental Lights' REVI low-voltage LED lighting system. The REVI system consists of remotely installed drivers (power supplies) powering LED fixtures over low-voltage cabling. All of the electronics to operate the lights are housed in the power supplies which are mounted in racks in an adjacent equipment room. Each light is controlled by its own DMX-addressed channel in the power supply, which means every light can be individually controlled by the lighting control systems.

The newly installed REVI lighting provides impressively even coverage, color accuracy of 90+ CRI, and an average light level of 50 footcandles, while requiring just under 10,000 watts - a power reduction of 85%.

Strata handled installation and configuration of the REVI system, along with re-programming the church's existing ETC architectural control system.


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