Coming together as a community to worship the Creator, is a unique human experience.

    The importance of worship elevates the importance of the worship space. Every component must work in harmony to encourage participation and minimize distractions.
    Technology is vital in creating the proper atmosphere.


    Choosing someone you can trust to design, build and implement the technology necessary to support worship events can be overwhelming. The options are endless.


    Manufacturers, integrators and social media experts
    all seem to have answers. But, are they the right answers?

    At Strata, we believe that finding the right technology answers starts with listening. No one knows your church better than you.
    So, we ask questions. A lot of them.
    We listen to your hopes, dreams, and needs.


    Then, we shape a course of action drawn from decades of experience in designing and implementing audio, video and lighting technology in the largest and smallest churches in the nation.


    The result? Accessible technology that perfectly supports the atmosphere for worship the way your church worships.


    Tell us what you have in mind. We'll listen!


    The first step to building an inspiring environment starts here.